Early Planning Benefits

Early Planning Benefits Submit – Service Delivery Execution: Benefits of Early Planning Introduction History has shown time and time again that a logistics and product…

Early Planning Benefits
Submit – Service Delivery Execution: Benefits of Early Planning
History has shown time and time again that a logistics and product support infrastructure must be developed prior to the deployment of a new aircraft (you can read ‘aircraft’ as any aerospace vehicle, engine, equipment, etc.).  If it is not, negative consequences will result.  This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore this concept more deeply.
Early Planning Benefits

Reference reading:  Logistics Engineering & Management, “The Need for Logistics Engineering,” pg. 27, Fig. 1.14, “The consequences of not addressing supportability from the beginning.”
The OEM and the customer derive a great deal of benefit when an aerospace equipment manufacturer provides an early emphasis on logistics and determining supportability requirements prior to the deployment of new equipment.  These benefits include: Early Planning Benefits

Less supportability issues in the field
Lower overall operating cost for both the OEM and the operator
Earlier implementation or deployment of the equipment in the field

For each benefit listed above, provide an explanation that includes at least(3) key reasons why or how the benefit is achieved by early logistics and supportability planning.  Be brief but thorough in your explanations.  It is recommended that you create a paragraph for each reason given under each of the benefits listed.
Research sources as necessary to substantiate your answer(s) in accordance with the “References” requirement listed below.

Early Planning Benefits
Submit your assignment in either Word or PDF file format according to the required format for this course. The assignment must be submitted by the due date.  Late assignments will not be accepted.
Early Planning Benefits
Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:

30 points – Critical Analysis & Content:Written report/submission displays an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts, including correct use of terminology. Well-edited quotes are cited appropriately. Addresses all required elements in the assignment; deeply thoughtful and reflective submission choice.  Meets or exceeds reference requirements.
10 points – Spelling, grammar, mechanics, & organization:  Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. Organization and structure enhances reading and flow; meets required format standards.
40 points Total

Early Planning Benefits
See the rubric below for additional criteria on how this assignment will be graded. Late assignments will not be accepted!
At least two (2) references are required. References should be listed in APA format (not the report).
Approved Reference Sources

News, magazine, blog/internet articles with an author
Research articles found through the reference databases provided by the library
YouTube videos with rich and impactful content
Trade and Association articles
Research performed by consultancy firms or governmental agencies


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