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The topic of the paper should cover some aspect of the broad field of Biology (Pick something from the syllabus). It must be at least…

The topic of the paper should cover some aspect of the broad field of Biology (Pick something from the syllabus). It must be at least 1000 words in length (NOT including references). For a chance of maximum credit, closely follow the instructions, as described. Originality of the Research Paper will be checked by submission to Turnitin by the instructor. Your research paper should be typed with page number, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. You should use 12 pt. size, Times New Roman.Submit the completed research paper online through canvas on time.Grading breakdownParameter Meaning Value (%)Timeliness Submitted on Canvas by due date 5 (10%) Stlye/format Following the guidance outlined in the directions 10 (20%) Content Quality of writing/storytelling/flow 15 (30%) Grammar/spelling No spelling mistakes! Proper sentence structure! 10 (20%) Referencing Following the guidance outlined in the directions 10 (20%)
First Page is the Cover page should include the following: At the top page: Running head: SHORTENED TITLE OF YOUR PAPER At the middle of the page: Full Title of Paper o Students Name o College Name o Professors Name o Course Name o Course Index # and o Date you hand in this paperSecond page is Table of Contents page: Table of Contents (TOC) should always come after your cover page. In TOC give the main sections of your paper and the page number of where those sections begin. When formatting your TOC, be sure to use the Tabs option under the Formatting Toolbar, as that will help you create leaders and align your page numbers.
Third Page is Abstract Page – Summary (approximately 100 words)Center the word Abstract one inch from the top of the page. The abstract should be a single paragraph without indentation. Even though the summary is positioned at the beginning of the paper, it should be the last part of the paper you complete! All components of the paper (NOT including references) should be evident within these 100 words. 4th, 5th and 6th Pages are your Main paper Type in the Full Title of Your Paper and Start typing in your paper. When you type in your paper, the first line must be indented by an inch. This is called a first line indent. You will write a minimum of two (2) pages on this topic (excluding graphs and pictures). Paper Structure I. Introduction/background (approximately 300 words)This part of the paper should contain a short history of the topic you have chosen. This may include the origins of the name, early observations of the phenomenon, and/or important people who contributed most significantly to what is known. You could also briefly discuss what interested you about your chosen topic. II.State of the science (approximately 300 words)In this section I expect a description of the important biological aspects of the topic. How does it work? Describe the mechanism of the disease and/or the key aspects of the biology/physiology/ecology being discussed. III. Future directions (approximately 300 words)Finally, discuss the limitations of what is known about the topic and/or what scientists are trying to find out or develop. Examples would include aspects of biology or physiology that are not understood and things being done to deal with a problem/disease. References (not part of the 1000 words!)Last page on your paper is the Reference page. (Only include the references you used in your paper). The REFERENCES page is alphabetized according to the authors last name. Each reference usually has the following: author, year of publication, title of book or article (Capitalize only the first word of the title), volume numbers or page numbers and publication data. Notice that if one citation takes up more than one line, the remaining lines in that citation are indented by an inch. This is called a hanging indent. Please consult the Citation handout for more information. Also, dont use a period at the end of a web address. Reference materials related to your topic should be from 2 different sources, i.e. textbooks, scientific publications/journals, internet, newspaper, magazine etc. The reference articles must be published within the last five years. CITING SOURCES FROM THE PUBLICATION MANUAL OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (APA) STYLE (6th Edition)