Social and Political Philosophy

INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHYFALL 2020MIDTERM EXAMDiscuss either IA or IB, and either IIA or IIB. In each case, make sense of the authors/authors…

INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHYFALL 2020MIDTERM EXAMDiscuss either IA or IB, and either IIA or IIB. In each case, make sense of the authors/authors positions and reasoning. Aim for 4-5 pages (double-spaced) for each essay(approximately 8-10 pages total).Youre expected to make use of the class lectures, readings, and discussions. Those arethe materials youre being examined on. Support your views of the authors positionsand reasoning with brief quotations; you neednt include a formal bibliography, but youshould refer to sources and page numbers in the text of your essay, e.g., as Rousseaureasoned in Bk I, Chapt 2 of On the Social Contract or (Rousseau, Bk I, Chapt 2).Your essays will be due on Monday, November 2 at 5 p.m., your local time. (Canvas willhave a due date of 5 p.m. PST, but Ill take your time zone into account to determinewhether you submitted on time. Submit by 5 p.m. where you are.)Save both essays as one PDF. The file name should be your last name, a space, and yourfirst name (e.g., beatty john.pdf). To submit, upload your PDF onto the Midterm ExamAssignment on Canvas.Also, please note that we will still have graded discussions this week (Tues, Oct 20 Tues, Oct 27). But then well have a break from graded discussions (Tues, Oct 27 Tues,Nov 3).One of the main reasons why were extending the time you have to write your essays isso that we can be available for more office hours in the interim. See Kinleys recentAnnouncement re. our availability next week.Do not circulate this exam.Further desiderata:Your task is to make sense of an authors position and reasoning. What are they sayingand why would they have thought that? To make sense of an authors position, it doesnthelp to portray them as foolish, however wrong or misguided you personally considerthem to be.Nor does it help to take an authors position and reasoning for granted, as if it there isno explanation required. Go to as much trouble to make sense of positions and lines ofreasoning that you agree with as you would to make sense of positions you disagreewith.In making sense of the authors in question, it may help to imagine that youreaddressing an audience that is not already familiar with the subject matter. Imagine, forexample, that youre addressing some of your peers who are interested to hear whatyour class is about, what sorts of things youre discussing. You have to be a bit of ateacher to make the authors viewpoints and reasoning understandable to such anaudience.As we all know, an explanation can be too short to make sense of the subject matter. Aswe also know, an explanation can be exceedingly long and still fail to make sense of thetopic. Extra pages do not guarantee extra credit.
Choose between topics IA and IB:IA. Discuss Robert Paul Wolffs position, that we should choose autonomy overauthority (from Chapter 1 of his In Defense of Anarchism).IB. Discuss John Stuart Mills simple principle, and the special case of the simpleprinciple involving thought and expression.Choose between topics IIA and IIB:IIA. Discuss similarities and differences between Hobbess and Rousseaus views oflegitimate political authority.IIB. Discuss the thesis that views of political authority reflect views of human nature,focussing on the following: Plato, Hobbes and Rousseau