Comparing Aftermarket Service

Submit – Comparing Aftermarket Service & Support Organizations Retrieved, 20 Dec. 2019, from:; (Links to an external site.) Introduction What does Yoda from Star Wars have to…

Submit – Comparing Aftermarket Service & Support Organizations
Retrieved, 20 Dec. 2019, from:; (Links to an external site.)
What does Yoda from Star Wars have to do with this assignment?  Nothing…and everything. His words were an appropriate quote that fit the purpose.
An organizational structure that is not optimally designed often leads to suboptimal performance, communication, timeliness of executing necessary tasks, service delivery to customers, and overall stability of the business.  Thus, you cannot take for granted that any organizational structure within an aftermarket support services business will work.  Create an efficient and effective support organization you must; there is no try.
Comparing Aftermarket Service
Advance Your Knowledge
I know you have done a lot of reading already.  Too many pages bore me, too, even when the information is important.  That said, I found a really good article that provides a nice, tight synopsis of the importance of sound organizational design.  Use the link to explore and advance your knowledge further.

The Importance of a Good Organizational Structure to Growth and Profitability(Links to an external site.)

Comparing Aftermarket Service
Sample Organizations
Below are useful and informative links related to organizational structures and design theories related to Maintenance and Safety Management Systems organizations.  Yes, you need to pay close attention to SMS because it is becoming more and more prevalent as an expectation and standard practice within an operational organization.  Use all of this information to your advantage.

Aircraft Maintenance Department Organization(Links to an external site.)
The Maintenance and Engineering Organizational Chart(Links to an external site.)
Airline Organization Structure(Links to an external site.)
SMS Pro Aviation Safety Software Blog 4 Airlines & Airports(Links to an external site.)
Introduction to Organizational Charts in Aviation SMS Programs(Links to an external site.)

Comparing Aftermarket Service
OEM Reference Sources
See Module 4 Overview for a list of aircraft and engine OEMs that you can use to find customer support organizations necessary to complete the requirements of this assignment.
Critical Note and Advice:  Use this assignment to your advantage.  This is the type of research you would do in preparation for a job search or an interview with a company of your choice.  Select aerospace equipment and OEMs that interest you.
Comparing Aftermarket Service

Select a segment of the aerospace industry that interests you.   Select either an airframe, spacecraft, engine, or component manufacturer .  (You can mix OEM categories.  See Module 4 Overviewfor a comprehensive list to get you started.) You DO NOT have to use the listed OEMs.  You can pick your own; however, they must be directly related to aerospace and have a customer support or aftermarket services delivery function.
Identify two (2) companies that operate within your selected aerospace industry segment.

Example:  Selected industry segment – Airframe manufacturer.  Two identified companies – Bombardier and Gulfstream.
Example:  Selected industry segment – Engine manufacturer.  Two identified companies – Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney
Note:  It is best to select companies that are in competition with each other within a shared industry segment, examples above share Corporate or Business Aircraft Manufacturing.

Research each companies’ customer support organizations: locations, structures, and services offered.
Compare and contrast the two (2) customer support organizations.   Provide a narrative explaining the organizations structure, services, etc. andinclude a comparison table.  Answer questions related to relative strengths and weaknesses.
Research sources as necessary to help substantiate your answer(s) in accordance with the “References” requirement listed below.
Submit a report using the required written assignment format identified for this course.  See instructions provided by your instructor in the Tip Sheet for Writing Assignment Success.  Essay formats will not be accepted.

Comparing Aftermarket Service
Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:

30 points – Critical Analysis & Content:Written report/submission displays an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Well-edited quotes are cited appropriately. Report addresses all required elements in the assignment; deeply thoughtful and reflective submission.choice.  Meets or exceeds reference requirements.
10 points – Spelling, grammar, mechanics, & organization:  Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. Organization and structure enhances reading and flow; meets required format standards.
40 points Total

See the rubric below for additional criteria on how this assignment will be graded. Late assignments will not be accepted!
At least two (2) references are required. References should be listed in APA format (not the report).
Approved Reference Sources

News, magazine, blog/internet articles with an author
Research articles found through the reference databases provided by the library
YouTube videos with rich and impactful content
Trade and Association articles
Research performed by consultancy firms or governmental agencies
Have one and not sure? Ask your instructor.

Comparing Aftermarket Service US Research Writers.
Comparing Aftermarket Service Assignment Writing.


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