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TWO-PART Assignment A Research Analysis on Health Behaviour GoalsAim: This aim of this assignment is to implement a health behaviour goal into your personal lifestyle…

TWO-PART Assignment A Research Analysis on Health Behaviour GoalsAim: This aim of this assignment is to implement a health behaviour goal into your personal lifestyle OR the lifestyle of a pseudo-patient. You have a choice. Only choose one scenario.Scenario 1: Choose a health behaviour goal(s) to implement into your personal lifestyle.Scenario 2: Imagine you are a healthcare provider and you are helping your patient/ client to implement a health behaviour goal. Your patient can be any age. The patient you are helping is not real. It is not a good idea to pick someone in your real life to practice on /to pretend to be your patient.In an 8-week period, beginning around October 2nd, you will implement the health behaviour for yourself or an imaginary patient You are to write a research-style paper of the experience including the purpose, methods (PART 1), results, and discussion (PART 2) of the 8-week period. This is an assignment you are expected to be working on throughout the semester; it is not work that can be done in the last few days before the due date.Note: You are also expected to write in an academic, third person perspective for either scenario (e.g. Ray Turner is a 21-year old woman/man/non-binary person who set the health behaviour goal of X)Writing Your Case Study PaperYou will be required to write a double-spaced, case study paper detailing how you applied the biopsychosocial model in implementing your health goal into your lifestyle or your patients lifestyle. It is expected that you will have a minimum of 3, independent academic references (published within the last 10 years), and that your paper follow proper APA formatting (e.g. proper in-text referencing, title page, header, and reference page).Part 1 (Purpose, Case Demographics, and Methods) is due on November 6th, 2020Part 2 ( Results & Discussion) is due on December 11th, 2020Late assignments/exams will receive a 5% reduction for each day they are late. Submit your assignments through eClass.PART 1- Purpose and Proposed Methods: DUE November 6th, 2020 by 10:30pmHere is how to organize your paper. Please use these headers and paragraph guidelines. Section 1 Purpose and Case Demographics (1 page, double spaced, APA format) First paragraph:o Clearlyindicateifyouhavechosenscenario#1orscenario#2o ProvidedemographicinformationaboutyourselfORthepatient.Youcangiveyourpatient an identifier (e.g., use initials). Provide the following information: ! Age! Sex and/or gender identification! Employment status and/or student program and year of study! City of residence and living situation (e.g. alone, with family, partner, etc.) ! Future occupational or educational pursuitso Statethehealthbehaviourgoal(s)-(Brief;2-4sentences) ! See examples below          ! Tie in your personal motivation, or the patients motivation in setting and achieving the health goal(s) Additional paragraphs:o Citeanddiscussresearcharticlespublishedinthepast5-10yearsrelatedtonewfindingsor latest trends for the chosen health behaviour. At least 1-2 articles.Example of a health behaviour goals statement (scenario 1):Shiras health behaviour goal is managing her back pain. This back pain began approximately 3 weeks ago. At this time, the etiology is unknown, although Shira suspects it may have to do with sitting for long periods of time without moving while studying at home. Shira hopes to manage her back pain so that she can experience some relief, remain focused on her work, and run for at least 5 more minutes when she plays intramural soccer.Example of a health behaviour goals statement (scenario 2):SYs health behaviour goal is to implement a mindfulness-based practice. SY reports that she is experiencing work-related stress. She has noticed that she is fatigued when she comes home and has less patience for her two young children. SY was recently promoted at her job one month ago and has since taken on more responsibilities, such as managing a team and providing weekly reports to the company. SY is aiming to implement a mindfulness-based practice to cope with stress at work and at home.  Picking and Defining the health behaviour goal(s). See examples below. You are encouraged to come up with different goals.Activity/Physically-focused goalsConsumption-focused goals
Mental Health goals
Build a movement routine (e.g., resistance, strength, cardio, team sports, yoga, walking, stretching) Build an oral health routine (e.g., flossing, brushing regularly) Reduce or quit smoking, alcohol, or drug use Better sleep Adopt a nutrition or fitnessregimen (e.g. follow a rehab exercise plan) Practice intuitive eating Incorporate more fruits andvegetables into your foodintake A word against dieting:Diets are generally restrictive therefore aim to include more healthy foods versus eliminating a certain food group (e.g., carbohydrate) Adopt a new stress management technique (e.g. relaxation exercises, body scans, meditation) Build an interest & hobby routine (e.g., painting, knitting, musical instrument, learning a new language)
Notes: If you have a health condition/illness, or are at risk for one, I advise you to consult with your family doctor before implementing any of the goals above, or you can simply opt to choose scenario #2. For scenario #1, please note that you do not have to select a goal that may make you uncomfortable disclosing or writing about your health condition.Section 2 Proposed Methods (1 page) Detail how you will implement your health behaviour goal into your lifestyle, or your patients lifestyle throughout the semester. This section should answer, at minimum, the following questions:o Whatresearch/scientificevidencewillyouusetoinformhowyouplantoimplementyour health behaviour goal?o Howwillyoucollectdatatowardsprogressofthegoal?Whatmeasurementwillyouuse to identify success? (hint: this is another part where you can cite research-based measurement tools you used)o Howwillyouimplementthehealthbehaviourgoalintoaschedule?


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