One Year Action Plan

One Year Action Plan Assignment DescriptionThe title page should include the following information (centered, double spaced, & bold): Title of the Paper (School Name One-Year…

One Year Action Plan Assignment DescriptionThe title page should include the following information (centered, double spaced, & bold): Title of the Paper (School Name One-Year Action Plan), Your Name, and Carson Newman University (3 separate lines).Introduction Section: Start this section with Introduction at the top of the page (Centered in bold print). The introduction section should start with a definition of school, family, and community partnerships (involvement). This section should be at least a paragraph (3 to 5 sentences) and could include citations. You could then have a sub-heading (left side, bold, nothing else on the line) Community Description followed by the community description and then a sub-heading School Demographics followed by a description of your school.The following discussion posts will be useful in the development of the introduction of the One-Year Action Plan final paper:Discussion Post #2: School DemographicsDiscussion Post #9: Community DescriptionLiterature Review Section: The main heading should be Review of Literature (centered, bold). The next line will start the literature review; you have already defined the conceptual framework for school, family, and community partnerships in Discussion Post #3 and this should serve as the foundation for your literature review. You can use the individual articles as sources (included in the References), the textbook (included in the References), and you will need to find 3 additional scholarly articles in the development of the literature review. Remember, all references, both in-text citations and reference citations must be in APA format.  You may use the APA Manual (7th Edition ) and  the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)) as resources when making APA citations. One-Year Action Plan Section: The main heading should be One-Year Action Plan (centered, bold). After the main heading, you should develop an introductory paragraph that states the behavior and/or learning goals you have identified for the school (this should be at least one paragraph but could be more). You may use the same goals throughout each of the Six Types of Involvement; however, you could have a goal that is specific to any one of the type of involvement (identify the specific goals in the specific section).There should then be six (6) sub-sections that reflect each of the Six Types of Involvement using the Schedule of Activities worksheet to provide an outline for each of the sections. In Discussion Post #8, you identified one goal and an activity (with a description) in each of the six types of involvement; you can use each of these activities as the first activity of each of the Six Types of Involvement. You will need to include a description of the activity, proposed time of year to conduct the activity, grade levels affected by the activity, the results expected (should connect to your previously stated goals), and the resources needed for each of the activities. If the activity is a pre-existing activity, then you should state it is a pre-existing activity and/or you could include the name of the school in parenthesis as the citation for that specific activity. If you use an activity identified in the discussion posts, then you should cite that activity as a blog citation. Additionally, part of this assignment is to identify 4 activities (4 total) online that you could conduct in your school (cite the source appropriately) that are connected to your goals and the types of involvement.  Summary Section: The main heading should be Summary (centered and bold). Summarize the most important components of your paper in the summary (approximately 1 page in length 2 to 3 paragraphs in length).References: The main heading for this section should be References (bold and centered). You will need to use the appropriate APA formatting for each of your sources; please see Quick Reference sheet, APA 7th Edition, and/or PurdueOwl online for assistance.Hopefully, this information will assist you in the development of this paper. Three examples are included under this module to provide some direction for the completion of your paper; please do not use them as a guide for APA formatting as these are merely examples to demonstrate the correct organization of your paper and some of the APA rules have changed with the publishing of the 7th edition of the APA Manual (October, 2019).


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