Sucide rates and the covid lock downs

Use at least 3 academic sources for this paper. The world is passing through an epochal event. In one sense, the coronavirus public health crisis…

Use at least 3 academic sources for this paper.
The world is passing through an epochal event. In one sense, the coronavirus public health crisis and the consequent economic crisis that it has led to are common to much if not all of the world, and also are common to everyone in the United States and in a sense bring us together.
BUT….this dual crisis has also brought out many ways in which we are not all in this together and have not at all had the same experience, nor been faced with the same degree of risk, nor the same hardships. Some have had a privileged set of advantages in the forms of the kinds of work they do, their residence, their degree of exposure to possible contagion, their ability to engage in social distancing, their responsibilities to others or lack thereof, the comfort or hardship in which they have had to bear the burdens or inconveniences that have come with both crises, their likelihood of maintaining employment or their businesses, their access to a roof over their heads, to food, to health care services, to the materials needed to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.
1. Do some research on how people of different classes, job categories and income groups, and of different racial, ethnic or religious communities and different genders have experienced the problems associated with the coronavirus crisis and the economic crisis that has come with it.
2. Interview at least three other people from different backgrounds from your own either in profession/income/class/status, or in race/ethnicity/religion, or in gender, and find out what you can about how their experience of this dual crisis may be similar or different to what you have experienced or what is familiar to you and people like you.
Write a 4-5 page double-spaced paper on your reseach and using some of the information from your interviews as well, on how the coronavirus crisis and the economic consequences of it have affected people differently, been dealt with differently, and experienced differently by people from different social groups due to inequalities.
You may emphasize any one of these inequalities – class and income, status and profession, race and ethnicity or religious group, gender – or any combination of them, in writing your essay. What kinds of changes, reforms, different policies, different approaches should be taken to address the inequalities you found in your research ?
You should refer to the course concepts to help analyze and explain your findings.
Paper should be 4-5 pages not including the title and reference page.


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