What has the impact of COVID 19 been on Canadas charitable sector? What type of social innovations have arisen as a result of COVID 19?

Purpose / Background SINV 2201 is a survey course that covers a broad range of topics and issues, but only an introductory level.  This assignment…

Purpose / Background SINV 2201 is a survey course that covers a broad range of topics and issues, but only an introductory level.  This assignment aims to deepen your understanding of one of the topic areas the course covers, by way of a research paper.  This assignment is also an opportunity for you to advance and refine your research and writing skills on a topic that interests you.    The purpose of the research paper is for students to:     Analyze a specific topic and its relationship to the social economy and social innovation     Develop skills related to applying class concepts learned, including critical reflection      Practice secondary research skills, locating and correctly referencing at least four (4) different peer reviewed scholarly sources related to the selected topic.      Practice written communication skills    Learn how to plan, develop and map out a research paper.
Suggested Elements: 1)    Introduction: Social innovation topic (maximum 150 words) a)    Based on the course, pick a topic that has meaning for you that you would like to learn more about.  b)    Indicate why it is important to you, and how it relates to this course and social innovation.
2)    Examination of Topic Using Secondary Research Evidence and relevant course content (1400- 2200 words) a)    Identify course content/concepts that you are using as a framework to learn about your topic  b)    Supplement your analysis with other useful concepts and relevant examples from your research c)    You must use a minimum of four different peer reviewed scholarly sources, no older than 2015.     Wikipedia, BLOGs, you tube videos, opinion pieces, etc are not considered scholarly.      A virtual librarian/learning strategist can help you to identify appropriate sources and they are available for online consultations during this time of self-isolation.     Student Learning Services:
3)    Conclusion and Critical Reflection (maximum 450 words) Take some time to think critically about the topic, and the research referenced in your paper. Ask yourself how this material has changed, enhanced or challenged your perspective on the social economy, on social innovation, or any of the sub-topics covered in the course. Any thoughts going forward? Where do you see this subject going in the future? 


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