What Tech Companies Know About Your Kids.

Here is the topic and below is the format for the paper. What Tech Companies Know About Your Kids. Listening to this TED Talk I…

Here is the topic and below is the format for the paper.
What Tech Companies Know About Your Kids. Listening to this TED Talk I think we can call get a better understanding of how we can protect our family.
Veronica Barassi is an anthropologist, the mother of two daughters, and over the last three years, she investigated the impact of children’s data traces on their civic rights. Barassi campaigns and writes on the effect of data technologies and artificial intelligence on human rights and democracy. The digital platforms you and your family utilize every day might be gathering and selling your kids’ information.Sharing her educational examination, Barassi urges parents to look twice at digital terms and conditions instead of blindly accepting them — and to demand protections that ensure their children’s information doesn’t slant their future.
Barassi, V. (2019, Nov). What Tech Companies Know About Your Kids
Introduction What is the speaker’s connection to the topic, and from what angle does the speaker approach the topic?What is the speaker’s overall perspective or opinion on the argument? Whether it is clearly stated or not, identify what you think is your speaker’s central thesis.What is your thesis regarding the quality of the speaker’s argument, including your overall judgment of this speaker’s effectiveness?
Rhetorical Situations (This is your most important and detailed section. Consider writing two to three paragraphs. Be sure to explain yourself.)Who is the speaker’s target audience?What is the speaker’s purpose? What does the speaker want the audience to do with the information they are presented with?What is the context of the TED Talk? What historical or current event information is presented (or is missing) to help the audience understand the argument?What rhetorical appeals (reason, emotion, credibility) does the speaker use to help strengthen the argument?
Evidence What types of evidence does the speaker use?Does the evidence seem credible, timely, and relevant? Why, or why not?What additional information do you want to know about the topic?
Presentation Does the speaker conclude the talk in an effective and memorable way?Does the speaker use good presentation skills while delivering the message? Consider use of images or other visual aids, vocal qualities, use of humor, body language, connection with the audience, and so forth.
ConclusionWrap up your reflections on the TED speaker’s presentation.What is your overall judgment of the argument’s quality and effectiveness based on your answers to the questions above?