Dannon Case Study

Please write a 1 page response to the following question: Does the case suggest that a consensus has been reached? Is this simply Newirths decision…

Please write a 1 page response to the following question:
Does the case suggest that a consensus has been reached? Is this simply Newirths decision or is it a collective one?  Is there a pressing need for Dannon to advertise its CSR efforts?  Would it substantially improve its marketing?  Explain.
A teammate has already started the question. I need the written paper to pick up or add additional information to what has already been written below:
Newirth sought many opinions (see #4) but there was not much of a consensus besides all of them recognizing the money would have to come from somewhere and might take away from their other marketing goals and general profitability.  None were convinced it was a pressing need; even supportive Claudia Sargeant noted it as a would like and not a must have.  It is unclear if Dannons marketing would be substantially improved: very hard to measure the ROI. However, the case ends with him sort of saying why not and suggesting hes pretty sure it would grow the business to go public with the CSR and develop a plan to do so.  Its unclear what was said from those he consulted that made him feel like the brand would grow if they went public with a CSR marketing campaign.  Kind of a confusing ending after everything that was said wheres this money coming from?  It does seem like it was his decision to bring to the executive committee meeting or not. Dannon should begin to proactively communicate to consumers its CSR plans. Communication with the consumers will improve on various issues with customers. First, it improves education on nutrition and health. If Dannon will communicate with customers, the company’s CSR activities and Dannon being the nonprofit organization with some mission, will develop and also disseminate the scientific knowledge on nutrition and diet to benefit the public health via some collaboration with scientists and academics on health professionals and nutrition research. Communication with customers will help in focusing efforts around the childrens nutrition education in manners that are pertinent to any region. The other benefit is that communication will help in the development of customers via various activities such as the danone way. This is a management tool that is meant to enable managers to assess the performance among the multiple dimensions such as environment, ethics, and quality among others. In addition, there is the integration of social goals. In essence, the company did create the nutritional education initiatives and updated the nutritional formulas of many products to be healthier. Communication will also help in bringing closer the customers and the company, and this is achieved mostly by actively involving the local communities through provision of product donations.Communication will also help Dannon and their suppliers to promote environmentally farming practices and also plan on advancing tools that incorporate sustainable development indicators into supplier monitoring and evaluation.