Quantitative Research Critique Paper

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to help the student use a systematic approach to analyze published research literature in depth and to draw…

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to help the student use a systematic approach to analyze published research literature in depth and to draw conclusions concerning the quality of the evidence contained in the research report. The research skills learned in GNRS 508, including those developed through doing this assignment will be essential to discern quality in research evidence that is proposed for possible use in practice. Advanced practice nurses also need to be able to guide other health professionals who serve on task forces to use these skills for development of research-based approaches to practice, e.g. developing clinical pathways.
Choose two articles that are of quantitative studies, related to the research phenomena of interest. These 2 studies should address a question or problem that is of interest to the you. The articles must answer your research questionRead each of the two articles for this review carefully several times.Use the handout Critique for a Quantitative Research Report to examine each article in depth and type detailed notes on it.Summarize your findings in a double-spaced APA formatted paper (use a. e. for the sections of the paper) that includes the following:An introduction to the research review that includes a brief statement of the research question that guides the study,For each article, provide a one-page summary of the basic details of design, sample, setting, method of data collection and analysis, and findings with sufficient information so that the reader has a thorough understanding of what was studied and how it was done this should not take more than 1 page of text, double-spaced For an example of how to write this description see in online materials: Sample Description of Research Article for Research Literature Review Assignments.For each article, include a one-page critique outlining the major strengths and weaknesses of the study that was reported to be no longer than 2 pages of text, double-spaced.Follow the summaries and critiques with your overall assessment of the quality of evidence represented by the two articles and then provide a conclusion with your recommendation concerning how confident you would be in using the evidence from these articles to support a change in practice as well as recommendations for future research and clinical practice. Would you have sufficient evidence to recommend a change in practice based on these 2 articles? If not, what specific research studies should be done to provide this evidence?Include your Critique for a Quantitative Research Report worksheets as an appendix to the paper; your reference section should include the complete citation for each article reviewed.
Font:              Times New Roman, 12pt.
                        Maximum Length of text, not including appendix and references:
                  6 pages, double-spaced
Additional Instructions:
Below are the two articles to be reviewed:
1.)Vieira Abuchaim, E. de S., Torquato Caldeira, N., Moraes Di Lucca, M., Varela, M., & Aparecida Silva, I. (2016). Postpartum depression and maternal self-efficacy for breastfeeding: prevalence and association. Acta Paulista de Enfermagem, 29(6), 664670.
2.) Marinho da Silva, A., Salustino dos Santos, M. C., de Melo Silva, S. R., Ferreira, F.  ., de Souza Cabral Freitas, R., Alcoforado dos Santos, R. E., & Tom Gouveia, M. (2018). Exclusive Breastfeeding: Obstacles Presented by Primiparous Women. Journal of Nursing UFPE / Revista de Enfermagem UFPE, 12(12), 32053211.
Additional instructions: Please include and fill up the form attached. This is called the CRITIQUE OF A QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH REPORT.