Adopting a Human Service Agency

I will pick the agency unless are already aware one with my approval . Outline for Paper This is the order in which you should…

I will pick the agency unless are already aware one with my approval .
Outline for Paper This is the order in which you should submit your paper: (use the Headings in bold, and answer the interview questions in narrative (paragraph format) under each Heading)
Title Page APA format According to APA Format, there should be a short title followed by page number 1 at the upper right side of the paper (also called Running Head); full title should be centered in middle of page; centered towards the bottom of the page is your name, course section, my name, and date.
Introduction answer the question:  What is the purpose of this paper?. History of the Agency (and/or of program)1. When started, by whom, original purpose, original size and structure2. How agency has changed over time in terms of size, structure, and purpose. What is thought to have influenced these changes (societal changes, etc)?
II. Services (of agency or program)1. Who is the target population?2. How are the clients “recruited?” Are there any barriers to service that inhibit use of agency by some clients? Does the agency attempt any strategies to reduce these barriers? How?3. Using the concept of multicausality, what are some of the primary factors thought to be contributing to the problem(s) addressed by the agency?4. Which factors does the agency address? Through what approaches, interventions and/or services?5. To what other agencies are clients commonly referred to address other components of the problem and/or common needs of the target population? For what are they referred?6. What, if any, service gaps seem to exist?
III. Organization (of agency or program).1. Where do funds come from?2. How is accountability maintained to the funding source”? How does this impacton the staff (i.e., record keeping)?3. How is the agency (or program) organized? (Obtain and attach a copy of their organizational chart if possible.)4. What type(s) of educational background and experience is required to work there? What is the starting salary for a social worker at this agency?
IV. What is it like to do this kind of work at the agency?1. A “typical day” at work for your interviewee?2. The “highs” and the “lows” experienced doing this kind of work.
V. Other
References – at least two scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (obtained through EBSCOhost) used to research your area of interest be sure to use APA format; you may also include websites and the textbook if you used them as a reference in researching and/or writing this paper.