AVSC 4500 Maintenance

AVSC 4500 Maintenance Submit – Maintenance Management & Tracking Tools and Vendor Option Introduction We are on the topic of data again.  But now we…

AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Submit – Maintenance Management & Tracking Tools and Vendor Option
We are on the topic of data again.  But now we have moved from KPIs related to general organizational and operational performance metrics to pure maintenance and inventory management tracking.  Although a maintenance department can utilize KPIs derived from maintenance tracking software (and should), their primary focus is keeping the aircraft flying safely in compliance with manufacturers instructions and the FAA and effectively and efficiently scheduling and conducting maintenance.  If a maintenance department is not using available tools, it is working harder than it needs to and is not achieving the level of productivity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and profitability that it could or should.
AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Some will say, “I can’t afford the service.”  I would respond with “Your job may depend on it, as well as everyone who is working within the flight department.”  Working with spreadsheets, or gosh-forbid, paper, will only get you so far.  Labor cost is the number one driver of a flight department’s operating cost.  Do you want to expend your labor on administration or on maintenance production to achieve your desired aircraft availability and schedule commitments?  It’s a clear ice.
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This brings to mind an old adage that is applied when an issue comes up and everyone is trying to guess at a cause and a solution.  Just ask the following question: “Do you think, or do you know?”  It’s best to ask questions and get answers before you propose a solution.
AVSC 4500 Maintenance
This assignment will give you an opportunity to explore different aspects of the same issue.  It’s up to you to chose how best to achieve your professional development goals.  You will have two options for completing this assignment.  This is not like choosing the Holy Grail in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (“You must choose wisely…”). The stakes are not that high.  There is no wrong choice, just choose the one that piques your interest the most.  Heck, do both.  But you can submit only one.  So, choose wisely…
AVSC 4500 Maintenance
You must choose one of the following two assignment options:

Compare and contrast services offered between maintenance tracking vendors.
Review Traxxall customer case studies and identify and summarize key characteristics of their maintenance tracking software that customers comment on.

These are NOT doctoral theses.  Keep the length long enough to demonstrate a thorough mastery of the topic, but do not be fluffy and verbose.  Be reflective, but be on point.
AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Reference Sources:
Note:  The articles are provided for convenience in case an additional reference source is required.  As always, you can also use your own research.
Data & Maintenance Tracking – Articles:

Using Big Data to Streamline Aircraft Maintenance:(Links to an external site.)
Improved Data Systems Enhancing Aviation Maintenance Safety(Links to an external site.)
Aircraft Data Systems, webinars, software, eJournals, vendors(Links to an external site.)
Sharing Data for Predictive Maintenance (requires subscription)(Links to an external site.)

AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Data & Maintenance Tracking – Vendors/Service Providers:

Capterra-Aviation Maintenance Software-Comparison guide and reviews to build selection list of available vendors(Links to an external site.)
Aviation InterTec Services (AIS)-Aircraft Maintenance Management Solutions & Software – Rotary, Commercial, Small Fixed-wing Operations(Links to an external site.)
CESCOM-CAMP Maintenance Tracking Services-Products & Services(Links to an external site.)
Flightdocs – Complete Flight Department Integration(Links to an external site.)
Traxxall – Business Aircraft, Helicopter, Spare parts inventory management(Links to an external site.)

Traxxall Business Aircraft Maintenance & Inventory Tracking Brochure


Traxxall Helicopter Maintenance & Inventory Tracking Brochure


Traxxall Case Studies – Business Aircraft, Helicopters, Warbirds, flight department applications(Links to an external site.)

AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Select and complete one assignment option in the tabs below.

Option 1
Option 2

Select and identify two aircraft maintenance management tracking vendors from list given above.

Note:  You may use another maintenance tracking software or services vendor of your choosing.  See Capterra-Aviation Maintenance Software linked above.  This offers a WIDE range of vendors available for review.  Just make sure to identify the reference source of the vendor chosen.

Create a compare and contrast summary of the two.  Choose at least three (3) common areas (services/features) for comparison.  Your report should be well organized using either a table or some method that makes a side by side comparison easy to follow.  DON’T USE AN ESSAY format.  This is completely ineffective.  Include the following in your report:

Identify the vendors, the name of the service, and the URL link.
Answer the following questions:

Why did you select these vendors?
If you were to select one for your flight operations, which one would you choose?
What key services or software features influenced you the most?
Explain your choice and identify the type of flight operations application.  (Note: this will drive your primary requirements)

Comparison table

Research sources as necessary to help substantiate your answer(s) in accordance with the “References” requirement listed below.
Submit a report using the required written assignment format identified for this course.  See instructions provided by your instructor in the Tip Sheet for Writing Assignment Success.  Essay formats will not be accepted.

AVSC 4500 Maintenance
Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:

30 points – Critical Analysis & Content:Written report/submission displays an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Well-edited quotes are cited appropriately. Addresses all required elements in the assignment; deeply thoughtful and reflective submission.choice.  Meets or exceeds reference requirements.
10 points – Spelling, grammar, mechanics, & organization:  Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication. Organization and structure enhances reading and flow; meets required format standards.
40 points Total

See the rubric below for additional criteria on how this assignment will be graded. Late assignments will not be accepted!
For Option 1: At least two (2) references are required. Option 2 should include the one (1) reference referred to in that option. References should be listed in APA format (not the report).
Approved Reference Sources

News, magazine, blog/internet articles with an author
Research articles found through the reference databases provided by the library
YouTube videos with rich and impactful content
Trade and Association articles
Research performed by consultancy firms or governmental agencies
Have one and not sure? Ask your instructor.

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