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HelloI should write an argument essay 4 complete pages (university level).Topic : Energy DrinksThesis i chose: Are EDs dangerous?Different negative effects can be, neurological and…

HelloI should write an argument essay 4 complete pages (university level).Topic : Energy DrinksThesis i chose: Are EDs dangerous?Different negative effects can be, neurological and cardiovascular effects in children and adolescents, caffeine overdose, fluctuations in an individuals behavior, etc. (you can find and add more)To support arguments I need to use the 3 articles (attached)I need in text MLA citationNo need for “works cited”. I’ll do it.
This is the research i made unitl now. I am not that good so feel free to change or even make something different. This is just a thing I had to send to my prof so I get marks.    Research source #1Dennison, Kim; Rogers, Bonnie; Randolph, Susan A. Workplace Health & Safety. Thousand Oaks, Vol. 61, Iss. 10, Oct 2013, p.468-468.In the article, the authors talk about how energy drinks are mistaken with sports drinks. Instead of replacing fluids and electrolytes lost during physical activities, energy drinks are supposed to give energy, hence the name, but can cause intracellular dehydration, hypertension, fatigue, higher rates of illness, and mental health disorders among workers who consume energy drinks. These pieces of information would help illustrate our thesis effectively.
    Research source #2Wiggers, Danielle Maria, author.; Hammond, David, 1974-Degree supervisor. Exposure and perceptions of caffeinated energy drink marketing among youth and young adults in Canada. University of Waterloo, School of Public Health and Health Systems, 2018.(For this article you can take the info from pages 6 to 10.)In her thesis, Danielle Maria Wiggers talked about different aspects related to energy drinks, but we will mainly focus on the health effects, which is in relation to our thesis. Younger people are therefore at a higher risk for adverse health effects associated with energy drink consumption. CED consumption by young people has been associated with a variety of health damaging behaviours and experiences. While these negative behaviours and experiences may be caused by the consumptions of CEDs, it is very likely that that the type of person who is consuming them is more likely to engage in other risky and damaging health behaviours. She uses logical arguments and does not differ from her topic. Her thesis gives valid information which is something that should be inspiring me to write a (hopefully) great essay.
    Research source #3Al-Shaar, Laila; Vercammen, Kelsey; Lu, Chang; Richardson, Scott; Tamez, Martha; Mattei, Josiemer. Health Effects and Public Health Concerns of Energy Drink Consumption in the United States: A Mini-Review. Frontiers in public health, Vol.5, August 2017, p.225-225. In this article, health effects of energy drinks are the focus. There are positive effects cited as well as negative effects. Though, the negative effects outweigh the positive ones. This article is helpful because it enables us to compare these different effects. Positive effects: Improved cognitive and physical performanceNegative effects: Adverse cardiovascular effects, Adverse metabolic, dental, renal effects, risk-seeking behaviors and mental health effects, etc. These would be useful in order to talk about side effects. 


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