Research Design on Cliffset

The product I want to use for the the Research Design paper is called Cliffset. The product can be found at the following website… (…

The product I want to use for the the Research Design paper is called Cliffset. The product can be found at the following website…
In order to effectively create and launch a product service or business concept-researching customer segmentation is critically important to target your venture to the correct audience Research Design: The assignment is to write a three-page paper on your research to support your hypothesis on the appropriate primary customer group. Enclosed are elements you may want to focus on for this assignment.
Background:The Background section provides the context and focus for the consumer analysis. Secondary research is expected for this section, drawing on information from company reports, online sources, (Not Wikipedia) news articles, etc.
Marketing Strategy Problem:Describe the current situation, and identify the specific marketing/business strategy problem.  Use course concepts in your explanation.  For example, from the organization’s perspective and the consumer’s perspective, explain whether this problem is one of affect and cognition, behavior, environment, or a combination.
Research Project:The secondary research element:The student is expected to use research resources to better determine who they think their target market will be for the customer.
Consumer Analysis:Describe your research objectives, method and findings.  What did you want to know?  How did you study it?  What did you learn?
Customer segmentation: Describe the customer segment that is most relevant to the marketing problem you identified.  Explain the segment’s current or potential value. You will need to define and analyze the current target markets, and specifically who is the current targeted customer. Having the basis of who the customer is, now create a profile of who the customer should be, and how do you define, target, and segment that customer. I fully expect that the paper will approach this from a different position than is currently being used.
Recommendations:Conclude the report with recommendations, based on the secondary research you conducted.  The recommendations should address the marketing problem you identified, and may involve aspects of segmentation, positioning, and marketing mix decisions.  Be specific.  Suggest how your recommendations could be implemented.  Also, identify what additional research you recommend. This is intended to be an individual project, and provide the student the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of consumer behavior, and the relevancy to the marketing environment that we are exposed to every day.