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Commenting and/or raising questions about the event summarized.Explaining why you either agree or disagree with that student’s analysis of the situation. Remember, your comments should…

Commenting and/or raising questions about the event summarized.Explaining why you either agree or disagree with that student’s analysis of the situation. Remember, your comments should refer to the information and ideas presented NOT the individual who posted them.Be thoughtful and considerate in your responses by always exercising respect and civility.I would use the following student example as a template for your analysis.
Student Example:
Summary: In Pam Constable and Michelle Boorsteins article Americans still favor immigration reform, despite political friction, study finds, explains the results of a survey questioning Americans view on the United States immigration reform. Although there is a lot of national debate and congressional indecision, the majority of Americans agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to remain in the United States and be able to get some type of legal status. According to a study by Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution, the majority (62%) of Americans are in favor of illegal immigrants to become citizens. This poll shows that Americans have a positive outlook on the role of 11 million immigrants living in the United States (9-10).
This is a huge transformation from 2013s survey, where 56 percent (12) felt there was a negative economic impact on wages because of low-cost immigrant labor. The new survey found that 58 percent (16-17) of people agreed that the growing immigrant population makes the American society stronger. On the other hand, Republicans support illegal immigrant deportation.  Republicans are three times more likely than Democrats (37) to search for and deport illegal immigrants. The upcoming midterm congressional election will most likely benefit the Republicans because Hispanics and young adults are less likely to vote because of their dissatisfaction with President Obama. 
Analysis: This article also touched upon the medias biased influence on the immigration reform. There is strong correlation between television news negative or positive view about immigration. For example, most people who watch MSNBC are in favor of citizenship, but those who watch Fox News have conflicting views about immigration. Which TV news is most trusted and viewed by Americans? One quarter of Americans (36) say that they trust Fox News, while only 5 percent (37) trust MSNBC. 
This article talks about majority rule, which is one of the key tenants of political culture (vocabulary term). This article was based off a survey, but imagine if people actually voted in favor of making immigrants legal. Perhaps there can be an immigration reform in 2014-2015 because of the changing tenants of the American public. Chapter one of The Essentials of American Government text, it states that the American electorate is always changing and evolving because of family, ethnicity, population, growth, race, religion, and age. Additionally, political ideology of conservative Republican and liberal Democrats will continue to influence the United States people through government, media, and other forms of resources.
Evaluation: I want immigration reform because illegal immigrant can be helpful to the economy. There are so many immigrants that do not pay taxes and receive state welfare. If the country makes them legal, they would be obligated to pay taxes and contribute to our countrys economy. My family friend is an undocumented Mexican immigrant that has lived in the United States for over 25 years, she pays her taxes, and is a law-abiding citizen, but the government has continuously denied her citizenship. There are those who do not make an effort to be good citizen, they take their citizenship for granted. My friend would like to travel in the United States, but she fears deportation. Immigrants should be given a legal status, so they can contribute to American society.
Constable, Pamela, and Michelle Boorstein. “Americans Still Favor Immigration Reform, despite Political Friction, Study Finds.” Washington Post. The Washington Post, 10 June 2014. Web. 10 June 2013. URL here.


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